Do you want to be a volunteer hospitalero? 

I need someone with Spanish and English skills, and experience, for the first two weeks at Albergue Villa de Grado. 

Can you guess where this is? This  is a quiz after all!

Can you guess where this is? This is a quiz after all!

Do you want to pick up trash, clear ditches, and remove grafitti from the Way to Santiago? Do you have logistical skills? 

Get in touch. We´re going to need your help soon! 

Do you dream of opening your own place in a charming Camino village, hosting pilgrims, cooking great meals, becoming a part of the scene? How about helping out someone who's making that happen right now, for real? Do you have carpentry, electrical, or scrubbing-down skills you can share, or would you consider a GoFundMe donation to help take this project over the final startup hurdle?   


If you answered Yes to any of the above, get in touch! 

See, there are projects simmering away on the back burners. Everything here in March is in its “hurry up and wait” phase, while we wait on the US Internal Revenue Service to approve our national non-profit status, while we finish up the remodelling in the new B&B up on the mountain, while we line up plane tickets and people to keep an eye on Peaceable while one or the other of us is away.  While other well-placed, good-hearted people start other important enterprises and projects from places all over Spain and UK, Holland and the world… 

Photo by Grant Spangler

Photo by Grant Spangler

Meantime, I intend to go right off the grid for ten days. I plan to hole-up and meditate in total silence, down in the mountains of Avila.  That oughtta put me right, for when all this waiting turns into real activity. 

I will be in touch!