Peaceable Kingdom Moratinos


Peaceable Kingdom is a little home on the range in north-central Spain, along the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage trail. Two expatriates live there with an ever-changing collection of stray dogs and cats, as well as canaries, hens, and the occasional lovebird. 

It’s also a stopping-place for pilgrims, hobos, and other human wanderers. Up to five people can sleep over at Peaceable. They often eat, work, and rest alongside the Peaceable Keepers, Rebekah Scott and Patrick O’Gara. 

Reb and Paddy were career journalists in the USA and England, until they pulled up stakes and moved in 2006 to Moratinos, a tiny farming town of 20 people. Peaceable Kingdom back then was a tumbledown adobe finca, a walled farm compound that had stood empty for two decades. In the years that followed a new home rose out of the barns and granaries, a house built around a long wooden kitchen table – a place where thousands of passers-by have sat for a chat, a meal, a celebration, or a long yarn. 

Rebekah and Patrick aren’t just a couple of retired expatriates “living the dream” in an exotic foreign land. They traveled the pilgrim path themselves in 2001. They believe in the power of pilgrimage to change the world one person at a time. Village life is an ongoing lesson in community-building, tolerance, and language skills. And the pilgrim path brings new people, views, and challenges to their door almost every day.  

Peaceable Kingdom is the Spanish base for Peaceable Projects Inc., a USA non-profit corporation that helps non-profits that serve pilgrims along the Camino connect with manpower and financial help, in a timely, efficient way. 

You can visit the “house page” for Peaceable Kingdom Spain, the little house on the Meseta and read the happenings on Rebekah's popular blog by clicking on the link below.

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Peaceable Kingdom

Moratinos, Palencia, Spain

+34 648 854 765