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PEACEABLE PUBLISHING is a registered U.S. entity, and also operates outside the Peaceable Projects Inc. non-profit umbrella. We have in the past published items dedicated exclusively to raising funds for particular needs – “San Anton: A Little History” raised more than 1,200 euros for improvements at Albergue Monasterio San Anton in Castrojeriz. 

Unless specified, profits produced by Peaceable Publishing should be considered a for-profit arm of Peaceable Kingdom Spain.  



A Little History

by Robert Mullen & Rebekah Scott,
Illustrations by Melissa West.

Monasterio San Anton de Castrojeriz was founded 900 years ago as a fortress for warrior monks reconquering Spain and protecting pilgrims on the Camino de Santiago trail. Its story includes a half-mad saint, a gruesome disease, a jewelled arm with healing powers, and fund-raising pigs. Fewer than 40 copies remain of this illustrated history booklet, the edition is limited to 500.    

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A Novel by Rebekah Scott

Plucked as a prize of war from the palace of the poet-king of Sevilla, princess Zaida lost her name, her religion and her family in a single day. Isolated in San Facund, the monastic heart of the Castilian king´s vast realm, Isabel´s Psalter and folio of Islamic poems kept her spirit alive in a town that considered her "a Moorish whore." Betrayal and a clever escape led her to a new life, and a chance to write her colorful tale. "The Moorish Whore" is based on the true story of an 11th century princess.

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A Memoir by Rebekah Scott
(work in progress)

In a style reminiscent of A Year in Provence, this is a story of daily life in a Camino pueblo – winter pig-slaughtering, family feasts, singing the saints’ statues into the fields to bless the crops. Shepherds, carpenters, and truck drivers helped us, a couple from faraway lands, find our stride far from Pittsburgh and London. Here are the animals that gave “Peaceable Kingdom” its name, and the pilgrims who gave it purpose: broken-hearted Yuppies from the Bronx, sweet Swedish hippies, barefoot Philippine penitents, on the Road to the shrine of St. James. Everyone who stayed brought a story.  But Holy Year is not just another “Merry Pilgrims on the Santiago Trail” book. Moratinos in 2010 was shadowed by sudden death. A series of accidents tore a hole torn in the community fabric.  

But Moratinos is on the Camino de Santiago, and 2010 was a Holy Year – a time and place where redemption could be won by simply walking down the road. 

Not a Peaceable Publishing project, but a great book translated for a great cause.



“The Great Westward Walk” is the long-awaited English translation of “El Gran Caminante,” the best-selling contemporary Spanish narrative of the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage. The tale is told by “Bolitx,” a Basque pilgrim who walked in 2008 from his hometown on the Cantabrian Sea along a disused pilgrim trail, joining “the Mighty Camino Frances” in Santo Domingo de la Calzada. Along the Way to Santiago he spins colorful tales of family life in a Basque village: ghost trains, kindly nuns, and card-shark grannies; as well as his daily dealings with pilgrims: the pot-smokers, saints, liars, and scholars who share his journey. Peppered with camino history never before seen in English; it’s an unforgettable view into the character of a witty soul both Spaniard and Basque. “The Great Westward Walk” was this young author’s great and final work: he finished the written journey three days before ALS ended his life at age 41.

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