Your monetary contribution to Peaceable Projects Inc. is used the way you specify. 


    FLYING SQUAD: One reason Peaceable Projects exists is because needs strike suddenly. A remote albergue with a burned-out freezer full of meat can´t wait for the next committee meeting or a grant application process. We want to keep sufficient funds “on the ground” to get a solution – or a repair – right to the site, right away.  

Rebekah and Paddy have served at donativo albergues up and down the camino network, and news travels fast when things go wrong. We don´t expect to solve all this world´s problems, but we´d like to have help ready for worthy urgencies as they arise. 

You can give to the Flying Squad Fund, a priority fund at Peaceable that is topped-up immediately when the total falls below 600 Euro. 

    FEED A PILGRIM is the donativo option that readers of “Big Fun in a Tiny Pueblo” have used for years to help us meet expenses at Peaceable Kingdom Spain, our “House of Welcome” in Moratinos, Palencia. We will continue to collect funds this way, but money given direct to us is NOT counted under the non-profit aegis of Peaceable Projects. Follow the 'Feed A Pilgrim' link below to Rebekah's blog and find the PayPal donate button on top right of page. 



We aren´t just a fund-raising group, or a catalyst for other peoples´ places and projects. Sometimes we need Man- and Woman-power right here, too. And that´s where Peaceable People come in.  

Do you want to help build a new hospitalero cabin, using adobe bricks and fresh mud-and-straw plaster?  Do you know how to hang a door, drive a truck, groom a donkey, or mix cement? Are you willing to feed dogs, sweep floors, and make simple meals for pilgrims? 

Big jobs are always happening at Peaceable and among our allies, and our projects occasionally require strong arms or skills we don´t own ourselves. We´re putting out the word when that occurs! When you join our subscriber list, you´ll know right away what help is needed, when, and where.  

“Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find;
knock and the door will be opened to you.
— Matthew 7: 7